The Best Mechanical Ergonomic Split Keyboard for Natural Typing

Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE - Best Optical Mechanical keyboard

The CLEAVE keyboard by Truly Ergonomic combines an advanced ergonomic design for natural typing with high performance features that allow increasing productivity comfortably.

The split layout aids in achieving a neutral straight wrist alignment by orienting the keys closer to the natural inward angle of the forearms and hands when using the keyboard. It also improves the overall posture to type more naturally helping reduce strain and pain on wrists and shoulders.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave - Unique Columnar Layout Vertical Stagger

Unlike conventional keyboards where the rows are offset horizontally, the CLEAVE keyboard features a columnar layout where each column is adjusted vertically to optimize key positioning by matching the length and reach of each finger and conforming to the natural curvature of the hand.

The keycaps of each row are individually sculpted to optimize finger contact.

The symmetrical layout encourages a natural ergonomic central positioning of the keyboard reducing fatigue during extended use.

Most commonly used keys like Backspace, Delete, Shift, and Enter, are positioned centrally to be activated using the strong index fingers and thumbs, further reducing the strain on the weaker pinky fingers. This also reduces awkward reaches to help increase typing speed.

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Optical Infrared Mechanical Key Switches

The CLEAVE is the only ergonomic keyboard to incorporate Optical Infrared Mechanical Switches being the most reliable and providing precise tactile feedback that enhances the typing experience.

Rather than keys being recessed into the housing, the CLEAVE features a base that encloses the PCB and has the keys rising above the machined aluminum housing for a solid and durable feel with effortless cleaning.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave - Floating Keycaps

The integrated palmrest supports made of resilient polyurethane help to reduce wrist extension while providing a soft cushioned rest for the palms.

The overall narrow width keyboard design helps reduce the reach for the mouse by a large margin, significantly lessening the risk of shoulder issues arising from overreach. The included customizable LED backlight provides comfortable white color visibility in any light condition.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave - Most Comfortable Typing Experience

The CLEAVE keyboard is a great ergonomic split design for natural typing, allows keeping wrists straight, and helps to reduce and avoid typing pain.

The design follows the body’s natural symmetry and neutral position, conforms to the natural curvature of the hands, and helps reduce fatigue during extended typing sessions, increasing productivity comfortably.



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