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World's Best and Fastest eSports Gaming keyboard

Hot-Swappable Optical Mechanical Switches

Unleash your gaming prowess with FASTERINI, a groundbreaking optical-mechanical keyboard designed specifically for eSports enthusiasts like you.

Upgrade yourself with this Game Changer keyboard.

We’ve are revolutionizing the gaming keyboard experience by integrating advanced technology, performance, and an ergonomic design to help you unlock your full potential to obliterate your enemies and seize the opportunity to bring you closer to Victory.

Fasterini Main benefits

Visit our Kickstarter campaign today to pre-order your FASTERINI Gaming Keyboard!

We need your support to make this Game Changer keyboard a reality.

By backing our project, you’ll help us finalize the production of the FASTERINI keyboard, making it accessible to Gamers like You. In return for your support, you’ll receive early access to exclusive rewards and astounding discounts.

Back our Kickstarter campaign to unlock your full potential to obliterate your enemies and seize the opportunity to elevate your gameplay to new heights of Victory.

FASTERINI - The Best eSports Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Inspired by top eSports professionals, we’ve designed the FASTERINI keyboard to cater to your every need.

Imagine a gaming experience where every key press is lightning-fast and flawless, elevating your gaming experience to new heights and placing Victory within your reach.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - Best Gamer

Unleash Lightning-Fast Performance and Precise Gaming

Experience a new level of performance and precision with the FASTERINI keyboard. Equipped with Hot-swappable optical mechanical switches, high responsiveness, fast actuation, and a 1000Hz ultra-fast polling rate, you’ll enjoy unparalleled gaming speed, giving you the competitive edge you need to dominate in your games.

Our custom optical infrared mechanical switches are designed to provide an improved tactile response, faster actuation, and enhanced durability, allowing you to perform at your best during intense gaming sessions. With lightning-fast response times, you’ll be able to react to in-game situations faster than ever before.

The FASTERINI keyboard is built with speed combined with control in mind, featuring low actuation force switches for effortless and swift keystrokes. Responsiveness and actuation force are crucial for executing commands swiftly and accurately, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

Streamlined Gaming Experience with Minimized Windows Key

Achieve maximum control and a more focused gaming experience with the FASTERINI keyboard’s ergonomic design and minimized Windows key. We understand that accidental key presses can be frustrating and interrupt your gameplay, which is why we’ve minimized the Windows key and tucked it away.

Our design philosophy revolves around optimization – it’s not just about what we add, but also what we move out of the way. The Windows and Menu keys often serve little purpose during gaming sessions and can be more of a hindrance than a help. Instead of relying on complicated software to disable these keys like other keyboards, we’ve addressed the issue at its core by minimizing them so they don’t get in your way.

With the FASTERINI keyboard, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming without the annoyance of accidentally hitting a poorly positioned Windows key. Immerse yourself in your game and experience the difference a well-designed keyboard can make.

Optimized Key Layout for Unmatched Control

Experience the perfect balance of speed and control with the FASTERINI keyboard’s gamer-focused layout. We’ve designed our keyboard with ultra-wide Ctrl and Alt custom keycaps for great accessibility and functionality, making sure you can accomplish complex commands without missing a beat during intense gameplay.

As keyboard enthusiasts, we understand the importance of quick and reliable access to the Ctrl and Alt keys, as these play a crucial role during intense gaming sessions and for various command shortcuts. That’s why the FASTERINI keyboard features symmetrically placed ultra-wide and ultra-comfortable custom Ctrl & Alt keys on both sides of the spacebars, ensuring easy access and accurate key presses.

Additionally, we’ve included another Ctrl key to the left of the A-key, enabling seamless input of complex commands without any hassle. With the FASTERINI keyboard’s gamer-centric layout, you’ll gain unmatched control over your gameplay, elevating your performance to new heights.

Unlock the Power of Your Palm

Discover the power of using your palm as an extra finger with the FASTERINI keyboard’s innovative layout. Our clever design allows you to quickly and intuitively press the Control key near the base with your palm while gaming. This frees up all ten of your fingers for other tasks, taking your gaming performance to new levels.

This simple yet effective optimization also makes it easy to press both custom wide Ctrl and Alt keys with your palms, giving you even more control and efficiency during intense gaming sessions.
Say goodbye to palm rests. The slim front profile of the FASTERINI keyboard, combined with its gracefully crafted back slope and soft keycap edges, ensures a comfortable typing experience without needing additional support.
Our smooth keycap edges follow the natural curve of your hands, providing a comfortable feel even after extended use.

Benefit from Both Your Thumbs with Dual Programmable Spacebars

Experience increased efficiency and control in your gaming sessions with the FASTERINI keyboard’s unique dual programmable spacebar keys. This innovative feature lets you assign custom functions to each spacebar key, optimizing your gaming speed and giving you an unprecedented competitive edge.

By harnessing the power of your thumbs, you can perform complex controls and react quickly to in-game situations while maintaining full control over your character’s movements.
Customize your Victory with the dual programmable spacebar keys and witness a significant boost in your productivity and gaming prowess. Don’t settle for any keyboard – elevate your game with FASTERINI’s revolutionary design.

Elevate Your Comfort and Ergonomics

Experience unmatched comfort and ergonomics with the FASTERINI keyboard, designed to boost your gaming performance and reduce finger fatigue during those intense and extended gaming sessions.
The unique keycap design and layout, along with the ergonomic design and comfy keycaps, allow you to maintain peak performance for longer periods.
Our intuitive design features a unique backslope stance and sculpted keycaps for a maximum typing comfort and a natural feel, making the keyboard feel like an extension of you.
In addition to its ergonomic advantages, the FASTERINI keyboard also makes it easy to maintain a clean gaming arsenal with easy-to-clean keycaps. Keep your gaming environment pristine and enjoy a keyboard that not only enhances your gaming performance but also prioritizes your comfort and well-being.

When Smaller is Better

Experience the ultimate combination of performance and aesthetics, designed for eSports gamers who value a sleek and clutter-free setup.
Boasting the lowest overall height among true mechanical keyboards, the FASTERINI keyboard ensures comfortable use even without a palm rest.
Its compact design features a small footprint, offering all the essential keys of a conventional keyboard minus the Numpad. This creates a clean, modern look for your gaming station. Enjoy the benefits of an ultra-slim profile, hidden screws, and a keyboard that’s 40% shorter compared to other mechanical keyboards on the market. The FASTERINI keyboard is truly a compact powerhouse for today’s discerning gamers.

Clutter-Free Gaming Experience

Embrace a clutter-free gaming experience with the FASTERINI keyboard. Its compact and space-saving design provides efficient use of desk space, streamlined cable organization, and ease of transportation – perfect for attending gaming events and tournaments.

Its built-in cable rerouting functionality allows you to choose whether the cable comes out the back of the keyboard or on either side, making a significant difference in organizing your desk space for optimal efficiency.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - animation Cable Management
Many high-performance keyboards sacrifice desk space due to their large and awkward shapes. The FASTERINI keyboard, however, delivers industry-leading performance in a compact package that fits seamlessly into any gaming setup.
Take your game anywhere with this portable powerhouse that offers a tidy and organized gaming space without compromising performance.

Illuminate Your Gaming World with Customizable Backlighting

We believe that when it comes to keyboard backlighting, most manufacturers can’t quite resist the temptation to turn their keyboards into pulsating disco balls of distraction.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - Customizable Backlight Profiles

Unlike others, the FASTERINI keyboard maintains a classy aesthetic with a powerful, bright white LED backlight under each key. Enjoy optimum visibility under any lighting condition, and enjoy the clever design that places individual LEDs on the PCB instead of the switch allowing you to replace any switch without losing backlight functionality.

Elevate your gaming experience with the visually stunning FASTERINI keyboard, featuring customizable backlighting, distinct font and legends, and a sleek design to improve visibility in low-light gaming environments and showcase your personal preferences with personalized lighting and customization options.


Brightness Levels


Fully adjustable backlighting ranging from All-Off to Super-Bright


Customizable Backlight Profiles

Besides All-ON and All-OFF, lets you select which keys you want backlit per profile


Predefined Backlight Profiles

Choose between preset profiles for easy typing or focused gaming


Backlight Effects


Able to choose between several optional cool Backlight effects

Aerospace-grade Aluminum Body

Experience the ultimate in durability and longevity with the FASTERINI keyboard, designed to withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. eSports gamers require a keyboard that can handle prolonged and heavy use without losing functionality, and the FASTERINI keyboard delivers just that.

Built with an Aerospace-grade Aluminum alloy body and advanced nano-coating shield, the FASTERINI keyboard boasts unmatched build quality and durability. The premium materials used in its construction ensure that it will endure even the most demanding gaming sessions. With a minimalistic aesthetic and a sleek, sturdy design, this keyboard is both eye-catching and built to last.

The aluminum frame and mechanical switches provide a solid foundation for a long-lasting and durable keyboard that will withstand daily use and maintain a reliable and consistent performance. Trust the FASTERINI keyboard will stand out with its stunning design and indestructible elegance.

New Benchmark for Speed and Durability

Discover a new level of speed and durability with the Truly Ergonomic FASTERINI keyboard, engineered with cutting-edge optical mechanical key switches that use infrared light to register every keystroke.
These switches deliver nearly instantaneous actuation while eliminating common wear and tear issues found in other mechanical keyboards. Say goodbye to duplicate key presses, key chattering, oxidation, debouncing glitches, and performance degradation.

Guaranteed for 100 Million keystrokes

The FASTERINI keyboard is built to endure the test of time.

The optical infrared mechanical switches ensure maximum reliability with an extraordinary feel, guaranteed for 100 million keystrokes. Rest assured that your FASTERINI keyboard will remain robust even after years of use.

Hot-Swappable Optical Mechanical Switches

Our key switches are modular and plate-mounted instead of soldered to the electronic circuit board, eliminating the fragile underside pins found in other mechanical switches. This design allows for effortless removal and swapping of switches in just a few seconds, without requiring any technical expertise. Experience the freedom to customize your keyboard to match your unique gaming preferences.

It’s All About The Feel

Any computer enthusiast will tell you that when it comes to keyboards, nothing beats spring‑loaded mechanical switches. They deliver a consistent, high‑quality feel with each and every keystroke that the rubber dome keyboards can never achieve.

We obsessed over the tactile feel of our keys, making sure that the travel distance, debounce time, and actuation point for each key is absolutely perfect, while also providing the flexibility of multiple switch options including Tactile, Clicky, and Linear. The end result is a keyboard that makes you want to game indefinitely whenever you touch it.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - Infrared Switches Tactile Clicky

An ergonomically perfect actuation point distance of


No need to “bottom out” each key you press means significantly faster typing.

Complete travel distance of 3.8mm

Blazing fast Debounce time of only 0.01ms

> 500x faster

compared to all other keyboards between 5.00ms and 20.00ms

Optical Infrared Mechanical switches deliver extraordinary durability.


the lifespan of other conventional or ergonomic keyboards and over


more durable than rubber domes

Master Every Move with Precision and Control

Experience flawless execution of complex commands and simultaneous key presses with the Truly Ergonomic FASTERINI keyboard, featuring 100% Anti-Ghosting Technology with Full N-Key Rollover (NKRO). This ensures that every key press is registered, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. Crucial for competitive gaming, these features give you an edge over your competition by eliminating errors and input lag.

In addition to onboard memory and an ultra-fast polling rate for lightning-quick typing, the FASTERINI keyboard allows you to execute complicated commands and press as many keys as you need simultaneously, all without special software. No matter how fast-paced or demanding your keyboard input is, the FASTERINI keyboard keeps up without ever dropping a single key press. Unleash your gaming potential with the FASTERINI keyboard and dominate every move with precision and control.

Keep Your Gaming Arsenal Pristine and Protected

Maintaining a clean and pristine gaming arsenal is crucial for every eSports gamer. The FASTERINI keyboard’s PCBA comes equipped with advanced Nano-coating shield technology, protecting against water, dust, and even snack debris.

The floating keys design makes the FASTERINI keyboard incredibly easy to clean, as dust, crumbs, and other debris cannot get trapped inside the keyboard casing. Additionally, each keycap is given its own non-glossy UV coating to protect them from the dirt and grime associated with regular usage.

This not only keeps your keyboard looking immaculate but also ensures a clean and well-maintained device even after prolonged use. Invest in the FASTERINI keyboard and experience indestructible elegance while keeping your gaming arsenal pristine and protected.


As Smart As It Gets

The Fasterini keyboard enables you to game at an elite level, and comes standard with a full suite of intelligent functionality. Amazingly, it does all this without the need for any proprietary drivers or special software. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go!


Ultra-fast polling rate
lets you type as fast as you want.

Onboard Memory

Saves all preferences (layout, backlight, macros) even if the keyboard is disconnected.

Plug & Play

No need to bother with special software or outdated drivers.

Custom Macros

Type the same text or complicated commands over and over with ease.


Each of the space bar keys can have a different functionality without the need of custom software.

Extended Functionality for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Elevate your gaming experience with FASTERINI’s extended functionality and convenient features, designed with eSports gamers in mind. Enjoy the benefits of full-sized function keys, dedicated cut, copy, and paste keys, and an optimized directional key layout, all aimed at streamlining your gaming sessions.

Never miss a beat with multimedia keys that let you quickly adjust the volume and pause or play your music without having to minimize your game. The FASTERINI keyboard enhances your gaming experience giving you more control at your fingertips.

Pure Victory and Relaxed Focus

Transform your gaming experience into moments of pure Victory with the FASTERINI keyboard. Engineered to provide lightning-fast performance, it enables you to play your way and achieve unparalleled success in every gaming session.

Not only does the FASTERINI keyboard excel in gaming performance, it also offers blissful comfort, transforming your workdays into moments of relaxed focus. Its convenient cable management and compact design make it the perfect companion for your laptop, allowing you to take the ultimate gaming experience with you.
Elevate your gaming skills to new heights and experience the perfect balance between victory and comfort with the FASTERINI keyboard. Play it your way and make every moment count.

Keeping it Clean

A common pain point for most keyboard users is to keep their prized keyboards clean. Floating keys also means that the Fasterini keyboard is extremely easy to clean, since dust, crumbs and other debris cannot get stuck inside the keyboard casing.

We also made sure that the keycaps themselves are protected from the common dirt and grime associated with normal usage by giving each one its own non-glossy UV-coating. This means our keycaps will continue to look clean and beautiful even after prolonged use.

Truly Ergonomic Keycap MX Cross Mount under

Enhanced Stability for Intense Gaming Sessions

Experience unwavering stability during even the most intense gaming sessions with the FASTERINI keyboard, equipped with extra-wide and extra-sticky rubber feet that ensure it remains firmly in place on diverse surfaces.

No worries about your keyboard sliding during crucial moments. The enhanced stability provided by the extra-wide rubber feet allows you to focus on your game and play for long hours without any distractions. Dominate the battlefield with confidence and precision, knowing your FASTERINI keyboard is here to stay.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome, and Linux

The Truly Ergonomic FASTERINI keyboard boasts seamless compatibility with all major operating systems and gaming platforms, including Windows, macOS, Chrome, and Linux. 

Perfect for any computer as can also be used with both US (ANSI) and International (ISO) layouts. For ISO layouts, the [Apps] key becomes the additional [ISO] key.

Elevate your gaming experience with the ultimate keyboard that adapts to your preferred gaming environment.

Choose Your Perfect Switch

Discover the unparalleled responsiveness and accuracy of Optical Infrared Mechanical Switches. Tailor your typing experience to your preferences with multiple switch options. Experience a perfect actuation point of 1.9mm and an ultra-fast debounce time of less than 0.01ms, ensuring high responsiveness and swift actuation. The FASTERINI keyboard is designed to cater to your unique needs, offering a satisfying and personalized typing experience.

Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Silent


Tactile feedback with a quiet operation for a satisfying feel. Actuation Force: 50g

Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Clicky


Tactile and light-click sound feedback for a great typing experience. Actuation Force: 55g

Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Linear


A smooth Linear feedback with a quiet operation for a stealth approach that’s ideal for gaming. Actuation Force: 45g

No matter which switches you select, rest assured that you will enjoy unparalleled comfort and responsiveness with the FASTERINI keyboard.

All three variants of our custom switches outperform Cherry MX-Type switches while maintaining full compatibility with MX-Type Cross-Mount keycaps and stabilizers for nearly limitless customization options.

The Best eSports Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Discover the Truly Ergonomic FASTERINI keyboard, designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience for eSports Gamers like you. Our top-notch keyboard offers an intuitive design and layout, optimized for speed, accuracy, and an immersive gaming experience that becomes an extension of you.

Equipped with Hot-Swappable Optical Infrared Mechanical Switches, Minimized Windows Key, ultra-wide Ctrl and Alt custom keycaps, advanced anti-ghosting technology, using your palm as an extra finger, dual programmable spacebar keys, customizable Backlighting, and extended durability with Aerospace-grade Aluminum Body, the FASTERINI keyboard guarantee precision and reliability in every key press for the ultimate gaming experience.

Customization options let you tailor your FASTERINI keyboard to your preferences, creating the perfect gaming keyboard for you.

Built with state-of-the-art features like water and dust resistance, effortless compatibility, and extra-wide rubber feet for stability, it’s the ideal choice for gamers seeking the fastest and most satisfying experience.

Our Story

Truly Ergonomic, more than a company, is a passionate group of individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the way you interact with your computer. Since our founding in 2010, we’ve been committed to creating products known throughout the industry for their impeccable build quality, innovative designs, and unmatched comfort.

Our keyboards have provided relief to thousands of individuals suffering from the daily pain of repetitive stress injuries, allowing them to increase their productivity and finally work comfortably. But being Truly Ergonomic™ goes beyond just offering exceptional comfort. We strive to protect the health and wellness of each and every one of our customers, improving the overall quality of their working lives.

That’s why we came up with the idea for the FASTERINI keyboard. We wanted to take our expertise in ergonomics and comfort to the world of eSports gaming, providing gamers like you with a keyboard that not only boosts your gaming performance but also safeguards your well-being. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to create products that enhance your gaming experience and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Fasterini Main benefits

Visit our Kickstarter campaign today to pre-order your FASTERINI Gaming Keyboard!

We need your support to make this Game Changer keyboard a reality.

By backing our project, you’ll help us finalize the production of the FASTERINI keyboard, making it accessible to Gamers like You. In return for your support, you’ll receive early access to exclusive rewards and astounding discounts.

Back our Kickstarter campaign to unlock your full potential to obliterate your enemies and seize the opportunity to elevate your gameplay to new heights of Victory.



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