We are the Canadian company that is revolutionizing
Ergonomic Computer Products

Our Story

Here at Truly Ergonomic™, we firmly believe that working for long hours should be comfortable. This is our motto and it stands at the heart of everything we do.

Founded in 2010, Truly Ergonomic has been creating products that are known throughout the industry for their excellent build quality, brilliant unique designs, and exceptionally comfortable use.

Our products have given thousands of individuals relief from the daily pain of repetitive stress injuries while typing and allowed them to increase their productivity by finally being able to work comfortably.

We are pleased to mention that our latest creation, the Cleave keyboard, was recently featured by one of the most trusted technology review channels on YouTube with over 11 million subscribers, LinusTechTips; click here to learn more about this intriguing video.

Human beings are spending more time working with computers than ever before, and it’s no coincidence that computer related stress injuries are on the rise.

In the ongoing quest for greater productivity, workers have come to accept sore wrists, stiff necks, and aching shoulders as an unavoidable part of their lives.

But being productive should not harm our physical health. Computer products may have gotten cheaper and sleeker over the years, but they’re still awkward and uncomfortable to use over long periods of time. This is a problem that must be solved, and that’s where we come in.

From the beginning, we’ve been designing and building unique products with a singular goal in mind: to combine world class design and performance with unprecedented levels of comfort.

This is what it means to be
Truly Ergonomic™.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Comfortable Typing

We’re on a Mission

Being Truly Ergonomic™ is about more than just great comfort. It’s about protecting the health and wellness of each and every one of our customers. It’s about improving the overall quality of their entire working lives.

We’ve made it our mission to enhance workplace health and wellness by building the most ergonomic and user‑friendly computer products on the market.

By making sure that our products embrace the natural posture of the human body, we firmly believe that long‑term, work related Repetitive Stress Injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be managed or avoided.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Reclaim Your Desk Space
Truly Ergonomic Cleave Designed for Performance

Built from the ground up with the human anatomy in mind, Truly Ergonomic™ products are designed and built the way they should have been in the first place.

As a result, products made by Truly Ergonomic have established a strong reputation for unbelievable comfort, brilliant unique designs, and excellent build quality.

Breaking the Mold

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - animation Replaceable Swappable Switches

We are never afraid of stepping away from the conventional path, as we value the freedom to do things differently.

We’ve set ourselves far apart from the countless computer hardware manufacturers that just change the visual appearance of the same old products.

Instead, we focus on designing products that are truly ergonomic, regardless of what the industry has seen or done in the past.

Commitment to Progress

Innovation is in our DNA, so we design and build products that embrace the future and set new standards for the entire computer peripheral industry.

Whether it’s imagining an amazing new keyboard, or developing new, cutting edge, optical infrared key switches, every aspect of a Truly Ergonomic™ product is built to break boundaries and propel the computer experience forward.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - how to disable the Windows key

We Take the Lead

As a company, we’re always in motion, always researching new ways to combine comfort, ergonomics, and kinesiology, allowing us to design and bring new and better products with greater benefits while pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

Ergonomic Computer Mechanical Keyboard History
Ergonomic Computer Mechanical Keyboard History2

Truly Ergonomic’s Head Office is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Also known as Silicon Valley North.