CLEAVE - Most Comfortable…



Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Silent

Tactile Silent

Tactile feedback with a silent operation for a satisfying feel

Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Clicky

Tactile Clicky

Tactile feedback and a soft click sound for a great typing experience

Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Linear

Linear Silent

A smooth linear approach with silent operation

Rest assured that you will enjoy unparalleled comfort and responsiveness, no matter which switch you choose.

Dimensions (Wide Deep Height) of the Cleave Keyboard with keycaps:
13.6 x 8.8 x 1.25 inches
345 x 225 x 33 mm

6.0 ft
1.80 m
USB Type A connector

2 lb
950 gr

Top Body Material:
Unibody, made from aerospace-grade Aluminum alloy.

Cherry MX Cross‑Mount compatible keycaps and MX compatible stabilizers for a satisfying feel, and also allowing to easily interchange keycaps.

Optical Infrared Mechanical switches provide maximum speed and reliability, with no missing or double letters, and an extraordinary feel.

Made with Polyurethane (PU); same as the cushioned armrest of some chairs.

Works with Windows, macOS, & Linux.

Select the Support Level you feel more comfortable to help us deliver your very own CLEAVE keyboard – The Most Comfortable and only Truly Ergonomic Mechanical keyboard on the Planet!

330 – To start working comfortably as soon as possible, order your CLEAVE keyboard for the List Price of $330Your order will be shipped within 24hrs and you will receive your very own CLEAVE keyboard within 2 to 9 days depending on your shipping address. Your generosity helps bring keyboards into the 21st century, where a lifetime of pain-free typing is worth more than the investment.

249 – For those who want to get an amazing deal on the Most Comfortable keyboard on the planet, order your CLEAVE keyboard for only $249 (25% OFF!) and you will receive your CLEAVE keyboard within 2 to 9 days.