Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard – The Most Comfortable Keyboard on the Planet

Truly Ergonomic, one of the leading manufacturers of high performance ergonomic hardware is announcing its latest flagship keyboard product, aptly nicknamed “The CLEAVE Keyboard”.

Promising extreme comfort combined with cutting edge infrared mechanical key switches, setting a new benchmark for high performance comfortable keyboards.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave - Relative Finger Strength

The CLEAVE Keyboard utilizes a custom columnar layout with a vertical stagger arrangement that keeps all the keys in a naturally sweeping arc. This configuration is designed to reduce physical stress on the fingers, and the split symmetrical layout helps keep the user’s arms in the most comfortable and ergonomically efficient position possible.

The keys themselves have also been rearranged and repositioned for optimal typing speed. For example, heavy use keys like Shift & Enter can now be quickly actuated by the thumbs, and Backspace & Delete keys with the index fingers, allowing users to keep their hands in a comfortable position without having to constantly stretch their fingers to reach these keys.

“The CLEAVE Keyboard takes advantage of the tried‑and‑true split‑key arrangement, the very namesake of our Keyboard. While the CLEAVE Keyboard isn’t alone in this regard, its symmetrical columnar layout and unique key placement make it truly exceptional. The CLEAVE Keyboard’s world‑class key position and layout not only add to your comfort, they also provide the fastest and smoothest keystrokes in the industry.” – Truly Ergonomic Design Team

While comfort is always priority number one at Truly Ergonomic, the CLEAVE Keyboard also offers extremely high performance. Featuring state of the art optical infrared mechanical key switches, where each key contains its own infrared light emitter and sensor, making them both faster and significantly more durable than traditional mechanical switches that rely on metal contacts or rubber domes.

“Our Custom‑made Optical Infrared Mechanical Key Switches combine the best mechanical and digital technologies available to bring you the most comfortable typing experience. Our key switches are more responsive than conventional switches, while also being 20 times more durable. They provide extraordinary tactility and an ultra-smooth action. And as a result of this remarkable engineering, our switches are guaranteed for 100 million keystrokes.” – Truly Ergonomic Engineering Team

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Optical Infrared Mechanical Key Switches
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Fast Reliable Infrared Switches

The team over at Truly Ergonomic wanted to make sure that their new CLEAVE keyboard could be enjoyed by everyone, so the infrared optical mechanical switches can be ordered in one of three distinct varieties to suit the customer’s personal style. Tactile‑clicky for those who enjoy the feel of an excellent mechanical keyboard and the satisfying clicky‑sound as they type, Tactile‑Silent for an equal yet quieter experience, and Linear‑Silent which is ideal for gaming. These new infrared mechanical switches are guaranteed for 100 million keystrokes.

The keyboard itself is one‑piece aerospace‑grade Aluminum for a premium look and feel, as well as high durability. The longevity of the keyboard is also helped by the fact that it has an advanced Nano‑Coating Shield covering the entire board, protecting it from most common pollutants and most common users; making it water‑resistant, dust‑resistant, and even snack‑resistant. The keycaps also have a protective UV‑coating that defends against oil, grime and other elements of normal use, keeping them looking great even after prolonged use.

“The CLEAVE Keyboard is for everyone. Whether you are playing for the win, or working for a raise. The CLEAVE Keyboard lets you do it quicker and without pain, while reducing the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Repetitive Stress Injuries.” – Truly Ergonomic Team

The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard is the most comfortable and advanced keyboard the company has ever produced. Pre‑orders are now being taken at a limited-time introductory price, offering a significant discount from the retail price when the new flagship keyboard officially launches.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Typing can be a Joy

About Truly Ergonomic

Founded in 2010 and based in Vancouver-BC, Canada, Truly Ergonomic has established a solid track record for designing and manufacturing premium quality computer hardware for maximum comfort.

Not afraid to step away from the conventional path, Truly Ergonomic engineers design their products from the ground up based on human anatomy, and deliver cutting edge solutions to the ergonomic problems associated with traditional keyboard products.

Our Mission is to enhance workplace health and wellness by offering superior usability and comfort to every computer user. We are dedicated to helping everyone work in an ergonomic and comfortable way so as to reduce or avoid pain and workplace injuries, thereby improving their quality of life.



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