The Most Comfortable Keyboard on the Planet

Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE - Most Comfortable Optical Mechanical Keyboard

The CLEAVE keyboard helps You stay healthy and productive, and reduce the pain commonly caused by conventional keyboards.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Reduce Conventional Keyboard Pain
The CLEAVE keyboard is the most advanced and comfortable ergonomic mechanical keyboard on the Planet, representing our mission to completely redefine what the best ergonomic keyboard should feel like, and prove that it can truly feel like an extension of You.

The CLEAVE keyboard is the most advanced and comfortable ergonomic mechanical keyboard on the Planet.

It represents our mission to completely redefine what the best ergonomic keyboard should feel like, and prove that it can truly feel like an extension of You.

World's Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Perfect for You who wants the most comfortable and satisfying typing experience.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Designed for Performance

Relative Finger Strength

A refined and enhanced layout that has the most commonly used keys within easy reach of your strongest fingers.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Relative Finger Strength

The moment you first sit down in front of the CLEAVE Keyboard, one of the first things you’ll notice is that some of the most commonly used keys have been moved to the center of the layout. There’s a very good reason for this, and it’s all about relative finger strength.

Your thumbs and index fingers are much stronger and faster than your pinky fingers will ever be. This is why we’ve reorganized the layout to bring the most commonly used keys within easy reach of your strongest fingers.

For example, heavy use keys like Shift & Enter can now be quickly actuated by the thumbs, and Backspace & Delete keys with the index fingers, allowing you to keep your hands in a comfortable position without having to constantly stretch your fingers. Optimizations like this are important because they reduce strain on your weaker fingers by leveraging your stronger fingers for most of the work.

A New Benchmark for Speed and Durability

Optical Infrared switches offer instantaneous actuation, while eliminating all of the common wear and tear issues that come along with all other mechanical keyboards.

Problems like duplicate key presses, key chattering, oxidation, debouncing glitches, performance degradation, double letters and missing letters, will all soon be things of the past as Optical Infrared Mechanical switches become the new standard.

Our switches are also a dream come true for your hands. Soft, sturdy, comfortable, consistent, and offering an amazing reliability. So even after years of use, rest assured that the switches on your CLEAVE Keyboard will still feel strong, comfortable and satisfying.

Guaranteed for 100 Million keystrokes

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Optical Infrared Mechanical Key Switches

Optical Infrared Mechanical switches provide maximum speed and reliability, with no missing or double letters, and an extraordinary feel.

When it comes to high performance keyboards, lightning fast actuation times help make the typing experience feel swift and effortless. And when it comes to speed, nothing comes close to the speed of light.

The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard features state‑of‑the‑art, optical mechanical key switches that use Infrared light to register every keystroke. Instead of relying on outdated metal‑to‑metal contacts or dreadful rubber domes. Each optical key switch on our keyboard contains its own infrared light emitter and sensor.

A Perfect Fit, Anywhere

When it comes to putting together your dream workstation, we know how important cable management is. That’s why the CLEAVE Keyboard comes with built in cable re‑routing functionality.

Whether you prefer the cable to run straight out the back, or on either side of the keyboard, you can pick the style that suits your workstation best.

Convenient cable management coupled with the overall compact design of the keyboard allow you to easily pair it with laptops, so you can take the ultimate ergonomic typing experience with you anywhere you go.

Pain Free Productivity

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Pain Free Productivity

Here’s something to think about – when you sit down in front of a pad of paper to write something down, do you place the pad perfectly straight in front of you and then twist your wrist in order to write out a line?

Of course you don’t. What you do is angle the pad slightly so that your hand and forearm form a nice, straight, comfortable line to write with. No one taught you to do this, you just did it instinctively. You automatically found the most ergonomic position to write in, and it just felt right.

By changing the angle and arrangement of the keys, the CLEAVE Keyboard allows you to place your wrists, forearms and hands in a perfectly neutral position, keeping you safe from Repetitive Stress Injuries while also enhancing your typing speed.

Imagine being able to swiftly and effortlessly type up any document, write a novel, or dive into the most demanding essay, all while minimizing any potential wear and tear on your body. The CLEAVE Keyboard allows you to have your hands and forearms in the angle you feel most comfortable, while keeping your wrists straight and supported. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and productivity.

It’s All About The Feel

Any computer enthusiast will tell you that when it comes to keyboards, nothing beats spring-loaded mechanical switches.

Our switches deliver a consistent, high-quality feel with each and every keystroke. We obsessed over the tactile feel of our keys, making sure that the travel distance, debounce time, and actuation point for each is absolutely perfect.

Our Optical Mechanical switches deliver actuation speeds that seemed impossible before, and because we’ve done away with the vulnerable physical contact points, our switches are as durable as they are fast!

The end result is a keyboard that helps you type indefinitely.

Ergonomically perfect actuation point distance of


No need to “bottom out” each key means significantly faster typing.

Complete travel distance of 3.8mm

Blazing fast Debounce time of only 0.01ms

> 500x faster

compared to all other keyboards between 5.00ms and 20.00ms

Optical Infrared Mechanical switches deliver extraordinary durability.

lifespan than other conventional or ergonomic keyboards

more durable than rubber domes

Reclaim Your Desk Space

We’ve all seen those cheesy “hacker” movies where computer geniuses seem to be able to work all kinds of digital magic by furiously tapping away on the keyboard, without ever reaching for the mouse. But in reality, most computer work involves a combination of keyboard and mouse input.

After spending a few hours constantly switching between keyboard and mouse input, it’ll quickly become obvious that the distance between your keyboard and your mouse is vital to your comfort, and that the closer the two devices are to each other, the faster and easier the whole input process becomes.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Reclaim Your Desk Space

The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard manages to include 100% of the standard keys in only 60% of the space compared to conventional keyboards, while maintaining full‑size keycaps and full‑size space in between the keys.

More importantly, it allows you to position your mouse much closer to your neutral hand position so you don’t have to reach as far, minimizing wrist & shoulder pain.

In addition to the massive ergonomic benefits that come with a narrow keyboard, the CLEAVE Keyboard will also free up a lot of precious desktop real estate. This is a remarkable achievement when you consider how bulky and unwieldy other ergonomic keyboards are.

Smooth and Cushioned Palmrest

The Palmrest is fully integrated into the aerospace‑grade Aluminum alloy Body, making it extremely strong and virtually unbreakable.

We also know that the sharp edges commonly found on most keyboards cause discomfort over time. By comparison, our smooth and cushioned Palmrest follows the natural curvature of your hands, and will keep them feeling great even after extended use.

Built to Last

Advanced Nano-coating shield making it Water resistant, Dust resistant, and even Snack resistant.

Strong and Slim Body made of Aerospace-grade Aluminum.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Solid Slim Body Aerospace Grade Aluminum

We put a lot of passion into the products we create, and all Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE keyboards are designed to be enjoyed for life.

Featuring a solid, slim profile body made from aerospace‑grade Aluminum alloy, and keycaps coated with a protective UV‑coating that defends against oil, grime and other elements of normal use, keeping them looking perfect and new even after prolonged use.

An advanced Nano-Coating Shield covers the entire board, protecting it from most common pollutants resulting from everyday use. The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard will outlast virtually any other mechanical keyboard out there.


Replaceable and Swappable Switches

Truly Ergonomic Cleave - animation Replaceable Swappable Switches

Our Optical Infrared key switches are so durable that we could’ve just installed them on our keyboards and left it at that, but that wasn’t good enough for us. We understand that no matter how robust or well-built any piece of hardware is, there will always be critical points of failure that will make themselves known over the long term. In the case of keyboards, the point of failure is invariably the key switches.

With that in mind, even though the CLEAVE keyboard has the most durable key switches available, we took it one step further and designed our switches to be modular and plate mounted instead of soldered to the electronic circuit board, and also eliminated the flimsy underside pins found on all other mechanical keyboards.

Engineering like this allows our key switches to be easily removed and swapped in a matter of seconds, without needing any technical knowledge or expertise. Damaged or defective key switches are no longer the keyboard death sentence they used to be. The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE keyboard is built to stand the test of time, so you can enjoy it over the long term.

Form Following Function

In order for a keyboard to be Truly Ergonomic, every aspect of its design must be carefully and deliberately molded to deliver outstanding comfort and superior performance.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Form Following Function

From the moment you first unbox your CLEAVE Keyboard, you feel as though you’re looking at a work of art.

The entire body is made from aerospace‑grade aluminum instead of plastic, and all fastening screws have been deliberately concealed, giving the CLEAVE Keyboard an exquisitely clean and modern look that’s light years ahead of all other conventional plastic ergonomic keyboards.

Bespoke Font and Legends

If you take a closer look at the letters, legends and symbols on the CLEAVE keyboard, you will notice that they’re all exceptionally clean and beautiful.

That’s because they’ve been customized and some are even completely unique to the CLEAVE keyboard. We put a lot of time and experience into conceptualizing these symbols, which is why they are so easy to read and pleasant to the eyes.

Furthermore, for those who really appreciate the details, you will notice the shifted symbols are slightly off‑set, and therefore easy to recognize and use. We have taken all our ergonomic experience and planted it into every detail of our unique keyboard design.

Floating Keycaps

Keycaps appear to be floating. This helps give the CLEAVE Keyboard its uniquely space‑age look. Also makes it incredibly easy to clean, since dust, dirt and crumbs won’t get stuck in the keyboard over time.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Floating Keycaps Cleaning Easy

The shape of our concave‑cylindrical keycaps has been carefully customized and ergonomically sculpted so as to have a different profile per row, and the entire array is positioned on an optimal backslope stance, delivering an unbelievably comfortable feel for high‑speed typing.

Cherries on Top

The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard uses world renowned Cherry MX‑type Cross‑Mount compatible keycaps, and MX‑type compatible stabilizers, for unbeatable durability and an incredibly satisfying tactile feel.
Truly Ergonomic Keycap MX Cross Mount under
Truly Ergonomic Cleave Cherry MX Cross Mount Keycaps
The CLEAVE Keyboard is also highly customizable and fully compatible with any other Cherry MX‑type Cross‑Mount keycaps, allowing you to easily implement custom keycap configurations.

A Light in The Dark

We believe that when it comes to keyboard backlighting, most manufacturers can’t quite resist the temptation to turn their keyboards into pulsating disco balls of distraction.

By contrast, the Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard keeps things comfortable and classy with a simple, powerful, bright white LED backlight under each key, delivering the most comfortable color for visibility in any light condition.

Since the CLEAVE Keyboard is designed for easy customization with swappable switches, we deliberately installed our LEDs on the PCB itself instead of on the switch. This allows you to replace any switch while still retaining full backlight functionality.


Brightness Levels

Fully adjustable backlighting ranging from All‑Off to Super‑Bright


Customizable Backlight Profiles

Besides All‑ON and  All‑OFF, lets you select which keys you want backlit per profile


Predefined Backlight Profiles

Choose between preset profiles for easy typing or focused gaming


Backlight Effects

Able to choose between several optional cool Backlight effects

You’ve Never Experienced Comfortable Typing Like This

Despite the many technological advancements that have reshaped our lives over the past decades, we now spend more time typing than ever before.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave - Optical Mechanical - Narrow

Being able to quickly and efficiently interface with computers and devices is what makes us faster, smarter, more productive and ultimately, more successful.

But anyone who’s sat at a computer for long stretches of time can tell you that the process of typing is far from perfect. Sore wrists, stiff fingers, aching shoulders and a cramped neck are now becoming so common that we’re beginning to accept it as our natural state.

We believe this is unacceptable, and help is finally here.

Performance Based Layout

Everything about the Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE keyboard has been intelligently designed to perform optimally in every situation. We believe the end result is nothing short of The Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard on the Planet.

While the size, materials and shape of the keyboard go a long way towards improving comfort, in order to deliver a truly superior typing experience, we went even further and completely reimagined the conventional keyboard layout and made a number of essential optimizations.

We started by positioning the Enter key and a duplicate Shift key at the center of the layout, directly within easy reach of your thumbs. This allows for extremely fast and comfortable actuation during high speed typing, and helps keep your wrists straight while typing.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Most Comfortable Typing Experience

Both the Ctrl and Alt keys have been placed side by side in the lower corners of the layout, making it possible to quickly actuate both keys for smooth command combos that are awkward and uncomfortable on a conventional keyboard layout.

Whereas conventional keyboards underutilize your thumbs by locking both of them to a single space bar key, the CLEAVE Keyboard features dual programmable space bar keys, where each space bar can have a different functionality, allowing you to put both thumbs to work.

Custom wide Ctrl to the left of the "A" key. Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys conveniently running down both the left and the right hand side

Custom Tab and unique Single Touch Back‑Tab keys for rapid task/cell switching

Custom central Shift, Enter, Backspace and Delete keys along with Single Touch Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo keys enable high speed editing

Rarely used Caps lock, Windows and Menu keys relocated to the top center to avoid accidental actuation

Dual directional key arrays (arrow keys on the right, PageUp/PageDown/Home/End keys on the left) allow for fast and precise navigation

Extended Functionality like volume up/down/mute, media play/pause/previous/next

Our unique, intuitive layout allows you to optimize your workflow by minimizing time spent correcting accidental keystrokes.

While this much innovation may seem a bit overpowering at first, once you’ve adapted to the reimagined layout of the CLEAVE Keyboard, and experienced the unbeatable speed and comfort that comes with Infrared actuated keys, you’ll never want to go back to conventional keyboards.

Evolutionary Progress after 150 Years

When it comes to the arrangement of the keys on a computer keyboard, the shocking problem with today’s conventional options is that they are still stuck in the 1800’s.

Ergonomic Computer Mechanical Keyboard History
Ergonomic Computer Mechanical Keyboard History2

The staggered key arrangement found in most computer keyboards comes from 1860’s typewriters, and while it’s believed to be somewhat effective in terms of typing speed, it’s pretty terrible in terms of ergonomics.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll notice that while the technology behind the keys has advanced by leaps and bounds, the conventional arrangement of the keys themselves remains archaic and unimproved.

Typical old typewriter based on the staggered key arrangement of the 1860s.

All conventional keyboards are based on this 1860s staggered key arrangement.

Other ergo keyboards are also based on this 1860s key arrangement, and divide the layout in two halves that are always moving around and look messy.

Some manufacturers have tried to solve the ergonomic problems inherent in the 1860’s design, but their “solutions” usually involve simply dividing the already uncomfortable staggered key arrangement into two halves, while leaving the rest of the layout unchanged.

The reason these keyboards fail to improve user comfort is that they’re still big and awkward, and don’t do enough to enhance the actual ergonomics of typing.

Why the Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard is different

The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard has been redesigned from the ground up to be ergonomically-accurate.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Unique Columnar Layout Vertical Stagger

The CLEAVE keyboard features a custom columnar layout with a vertical stagger arrangement that keeps all the keys in a naturally sweeping arc, resulting in a smooth and precise typing experience that you must feel to believe.

Featuring a unique split symmetric layout that aligns naturally with your hands, our custom design follows your body’s natural symmetry and neutral position, promoting a healthier posture and helping you type comfortably and stay healthy; a welcome upgrade from all conventional and other ergonomic keyboards.

Beauty and Brains

The CLEAVE Keyboard is more than just a pretty face and a cool body. It’s also smart. Very smart.

Hardware of this caliber interfaces perfectly with any system it’s connected to and fulfills its true potential with ease. The CLEAVE Keyboard is loaded with intelligent functionality that computer users have come to expect, and can greatly enhance the input efficiency of any user.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Beauty Brains


Ultra-fast polling rate
lets you type as fast as you want.

Onboard Memory

Saves all preferences (layout, backlight, macros) even if the keyboard is disconnected.

Plug & Play

No need to bother with special software or outdated drivers.

Custom Macros

Type the same text or complicated commands over and over with ease.


Each of the space bar keys, the Control located left of the letter “A”, as well as the custom central Shift, Enter, Backspace and Delete keys, can have a different functionality without the need of custom software.

100% Anti-Ghosting Technology with Full N-Key Rollover

Most other keyboards only allow you to press a maximum of 2‑Keys at the same time, which lowers your typing speed and can produce many errors.

In addition to onboard memory and ultra‑fast polling rate for ultra‑fast typing, the Cleave keyboard also features 100% Anti‑Ghosting Technology with Full N‑Key Rollover (Full NKRO), outsmarting the USB 6‑key limit, allowing you to seamlessly execute complicated commands and press as many keys as you need simultaneously, all without the need of special software.

No matter how fast paced or demanding your keyboard input is, the Cleave keyboard can keep up without ever dropping a single character.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave NKRO Anti Ghosting Technology

Compatible with Windows, macOS, & Linux

The perfect keyboard for any situation and any computer. The CLEAVE keyboard can be used interchangeably with Windows, macOS and Linux, and is fully compatible with both US (ANSI) and International (ISO/JIS) Layouts.

Designed just for You

When it comes to tactile response, everybody’s got different tastes.

Fortunately, no matter what your preference is, you’ll be able to find the CLEAVE keyboard that’s right for you, with multiple switch options to choose from. You can enjoy the perfect typing keyboard on your own terms.

Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Silent

Tactile Silent

Tactile feedback with a silent operation for a satisfying feel

Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Clicky

Tactile Clicky

Tactile feedback and a soft click sound for a great typing experience

Truly Ergonomic - Optical Infrared Switch Linear

Linear Silent

A smooth linear approach with silent operation

Rest assured that you will enjoy unparalleled comfort and responsiveness, no matter which switch you choose.

All three variants of our custom Optical Infrared Mechanical switches are far superior to regular Cherry MX-Type switches, while also being fully compatible with any MX-Type Cross-Mount keycaps for nearly limitless customizability.

What People are Saying

Awesome Ergonomic Keyboard – Linus Tech Tips

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with over 11 million subscribers.

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This keyboard is most definitely the best I have ever used in all my years working, allowing me to type for long hours without fatigue.

The quality of the keyboard is high, the palmrest feels soft yet supportive, the keys feel sturdy and planted, and the whole keyboard sits compactly on my desk with my mouse very close alongside.

Typing speed and productivity increases significantly when using the CLEAVE Keyboard, and all this without any wrist pain.

Compliments to the team - a phenomenal job. The CLEAVE keyboard is absolutely incredible and I think I am in love with it - might sound weird to say that about a keyboard, but I don't care, this is how I feel - and it feels great!

As someone who lives as a programmer, as well as a hobbyist writer, giving the Truly Ergonomic keyboard a chance has been in fact one of the best decisions in my career!

Typing can be a Joy

It is time to invest in a Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard,
the Most Comfortable Keyboard on the Planet.

It is time to invest in a Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard, the Most Comfortable Keyboard on the Planet.

Since 2010, Truly Ergonomic has been manufacturing some of the most unique and most comfortable computer keyboards in the world.

Whether you’re a hyper productive multi-tasker, an avid writer, or a computer user who’s looking for the most comfortable typing experience, the Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard will open your eyes to just how efficient and enjoyable computer interfacing can be.

When it comes to comfort, style and satisfying feel, the new Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE keyboard sets the new benchmark to deliver a truly comfortable typing experience. It redefines the meaning of ergonomic keyboard and prove that a keyboard can truly feel like an extension of you.

Main Advantages and Benefits
of the Best keyboard for You.

Truly Ergonomic

Perfect for anyone who wants to have the most comfortable and satisfying typing experience.


Optical Infrared Mechanical switches provide maximum speed and reliability, with no missing or double letters, and an extraordinary feel.

Best Layout

Refined and enhanced layout has the most commonly used keys within easy reach of your strongest fingers.

Aluminum Body

Body made of Aerospace-grade Aluminum, making it strong and slim. Narrow width helps keep your mouse very close.


Advanced Nano-coating shield making it Water resistant, Dust resistant, and even Snack resistant.

LED Backlight

Bright White LED Backlight with 10 Brightness levels and customizable profiles to type in any light condition.