To Twist or not to Twist – the Wrist Pad Analogy

Here’s something to think about – when you sit down in front of a pad of paper to write something down, do you place the pad perfectly straight in front of you and then twist your wrist in order to write out a line?

TE Cleave Pain Free Keyboard

Of course you don’t.

What you do is angle the pad slightly so that your hand and forearm form a nice, straight, comfortable line to write with. No one taught you to do this, you just did it instinctively. You automatically found the most ergonomic position to write in, and it just felt right.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave - Pain Free Productivity

By changing the angle and arrangement of the keys, the CLEAVE Keyboard allows you to place your wrists, forearms and hands in a perfectly neutral position, keeping you safe from Repetitive Stress Injuries while also enhancing your typing speed.

Imagine being able to swiftly and effortlessly type up any document, write a novel, or dive into the most demanding essay, all while minimizing any potential wear and tear on your body. The CLEAVE Keyboard allows you to have your hands and forearms in the angle you feel most comfortable, while keeping your wrists straight and supported. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and productivity.

About Truly Ergonomic

Founded in 2010 and based in Vancouver-BC, Canada, Truly Ergonomic has established a solid track record for designing and manufacturing premium quality computer hardware for maximum comfort.

Not afraid to step away from the conventional path, Truly Ergonomic engineers design their products from the ground up based on human anatomy, and deliver cutting edge solutions to the ergonomic problems associated with traditional keyboard products.

Our Mission is to enhance workplace health and wellness by offering superior usability and comfort to every computer user. We are dedicated to helping everyone work in an ergonomic and comfortable way so as to reduce or avoid pain and workplace injuries, thereby improving their quality of life.



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