Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard – November 2020 update

A long, long time ago during the 1950s, the world’s first computer bugs were found and purged. But these bugs were no ordinary software bugs, these bugs were real-life insects that were causing issues with the physical computer’s hardware – this is the time when computers were the size of several refrigerators. Since then, whenever the program of a device is not working properly, it’s called a bug, in reference of the real insects (bugs) that were causing physical problems and were physically removed by the same computer scientists that created the programs for these computers.

The reason we mention the above anecdote, is because we are very pleased to mention that we have received our first batch of keyboards, and that they’re calmly awaiting in our warehouse as we found some minor bugs in the program that control the keyboard – known as the Firmware. So we’re now in the process of finding and fixing these little bugs for the keyboards to work at their full potential as per our design and specifications.

“it’s not a bug, but a feature”

The new keyboards are awesome with the new redesigned PCBA using optical infrared switch technology and bright white backlight, an enhanced Top-Body made of aerospace grade Aluminum alloy in Space Gray color, a smooth and cushioned comfortable Palmrest, and an enhanced Bottom-Body with big rubber legs that provide great stability and grip.

Along all current worldwide events, achieving the creation of an innovative Truly Ergonomic Keyboard, and being able to start shipping the first batch of keyboards is a dazzling achievement. Your generous Support Level and the date you preordered your Cleave Keyboard will determine when you will receive an email so you can verify your preferred shipping address. At that time, you will be able to change the shipping address to anywhere you desire, and be able to change the switch type of your keyboard.

Truly Ergonomic Cleave Typing can be a Joy

About Truly Ergonomic

Founded in 2010 and based in Vancouver-BC, Canada, Truly Ergonomic has established a solid track record for designing and manufacturing premium quality computer hardware for maximum comfort.

Not afraid to step away from the conventional path, Truly Ergonomic engineers design their products from the ground up based on human anatomy, and deliver cutting edge solutions to the ergonomic problems associated with traditional keyboard products.

Our Mission is to enhance workplace health and wellness by offering superior usability and comfort to every computer user. We are dedicated to helping everyone work in an ergonomic and comfortable way so as to reduce or avoid pain and workplace injuries, thereby improving their quality of life.