To Crowdfund or not to Crowdfund – a 50% price increase difference

As a crowdfunding backer, you see the value in helping bring new and exciting products into reality by donating or providing funds to eventually receive an amazing product that’s not yet available.

But are you aware of the hidden dangers and inherent problems of crowdfunding? If not, let us tell you our story…

One of the main problems that people aren’t aware of is that most crowdfunding campaigns never actually deliver on their promises. That’s right, some take your money and run, others use the funds honestly and try to create the product but eventually fail to deliver, others deliver what they indicated but do so months or even years later than what they promised, and then you have the precious few and far between campaigns that manufacture exactly what they promised in a timely fashion.

Another major issue involves pledged funds, and how they are actually used. Did you know that the hidden costs of creating a crowdfunding campaign, and most importantly, the cost of the platform and the immoral marketing companies (that supposedly will help you succeed) can pilfer up to 50% of the total funds received during the campaign? This is done either through upfront expenses for video and marketing costs, or via up to 35% in commission on perks as well as on shipping pledges. This leaves the campaign owners with 100% of the commitment and obligation to manufacture and deliver what they promised, but only half the money.

So what are creators forced to do beforehand? You guessed it, they have to double the price of their “perks” and also double the price of their shipping to be able to manufacture and deliver the products they are promising. Otherwise, they run into financial problems that would force them to offer sales via Amazon and deliver those products before even the earliest crowdfunding backers, or they could only provide products to half the backers, or only provide half the product they promised – like only the left side of a broken keyboard. These end-results may sound crazy, but unfortunately are all too common in the world of crowdfunding.

With that in mind, we decided to do things differently for our new Truly Ergonomic keyboards. We considered creating a crowdfunding campaign that could allow us to accept pre-orders and at the same time endorse the design of our new products, but (and this is a big “but”) after looking at all the factors listed above, we decided to use our common sense instead and avoid creating a crowdfunding campaign altogether.

Here’s why…

Instead of giving away half of our supporters’ money to a crowdfunding campaign platform and immoral marketing companies – which prey on creators like a swarm of sharks, we decided that it’s much better to provide hefty discounts to our supportive backers, as they deserve all the credit, and still remain adequately funded and absolutely able to manufacture and deliver the products as promised in a timely fashion.

Privacy is another important factor. Did you know that as campaign owners, we would be obligated to provide the marketing companies with unrestricted access to the entire campaign, including the private and confidential information for all our backers? Well now you know, and this is why you might receive emails from marketing companies that you’ve never contacted before, or why you receive emails to back other campaigns you don’t really care about.

Another major disadvantage of crowdfunding campaigns is that while they do offer great discounts, they’re only for the first 100 backers, so you’ll be forced to wake up at 5:00am on the specific date they’ve chosen to get a chance at ordering at the discounted rate. This leaves all the other backers with no choice but to pay premium prices.


Instead of all the above disadvantages, we have decided to provide great discounts to anyone that needs them over a lengthy period of time compared to just a limited number of units. So you can wakeup at your leisure and pre-order whenever you feel is best.

Having said that, we also want our backers to decide the amount they feel is appropriate according to their budget and willingness, with varying levels of timely offers. We understand that human nature will tempt you to purchase the cheapest available offer, but if you understand that spending $300 for a lifetime of ergonomic keyboard comfort is so worth it, and that it’s much cheaper compared to medical bills, unbearable pain, or destroying your body slowly over time, we believe that you would be very happy to help us succeed in manufacturing your own Truly Ergonomic keyboard by pre-ordering at the retail value, leaving the discounted offers for those with reduced financial resources who still require the benefits of our outstanding Truly Ergonomic keyboards.

As a closing thought
, consider that with the advent of the Internet, a lot of people have the illusion that because they can access and read information posted anywhere, they no longer need genuine, technical and truthful scientific knowledge from corporations like ours. But the fact is that we put a lot of research and expertise into everything we do here at Truly Ergonomic, and we take the health of our customers very seriously.

We invite you to pre-order with our “never-before-seen, contribute-what-you-wish” approach to acquire your own Truly Ergonomic keyboard today.