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Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard – Designed to be “The Best Gaming and Coding Keyboard on the Planet” Through Numerous Optimizations in Layout, Functionality, and Hardware Capability

Truly Ergonomic Ltd, a renowned Canadian manufacturer of high performance, ergonomic computer hardware has launched the “Fasterini Keyboard”. With a winning combination of clever layout optimizations, class leading infrared mechanical key switches, and high quality construction materials, the Fasterini Keyboard aims to be the purest expression of what a high performance gamer and

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Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard – Delivering The Most Comfortable Typing Experience Through Unmatched Ergonomics

Truly Ergonomic Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of high performance, ergonomic computer hardware is announcing its latest flagship keyboard product, aptly nicknamed “The CLEAVE Keyboard”. Promising extreme comfort combined with cutting edge infrared mechanical key switches, setting a new benchmark for high performance comfortable keyboards. The CLEAVE Keyboard utilizes a custom columnar

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