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Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Reliable Infrared Switches

Optical Infrared Switches

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Best Gaming and Coding Keyboard on the Planet

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Best Gaming and Coding Keyboard on the Planet

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Reliable Infrared Switches

Optical Infrared Switches


Perfect for gamers, typist, coders, and programmers who want the most satisfying typing experience.


Infrared mechanical switches provide maximum speed and reliability with no missing or double letters, and a great feeling.

Snack Resistant

Advanced Nano-coating shield
making it Water resistant,
Dust resistant, and even
Snack resistant.

Aluminum Body

Aerospace-grade Aluminum alloy Body, easy to clean, slim, and very strong.


100% Anti-Ghosting technology
with Full N-Key Rollover to
press as many simultaneous
keys as you need

LED Backlight

Bright White LED Backlight
with 10 Brightness levels
and customizable profiles to
type in any light condition.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - Infrared Switches are Fastest and Reliable

Introducing the FASTERINI keyboard - Honed to Perfection

Optimized in every possible way, Fasterini is the purest expression of what a great Gaming and Coding keyboard should be. Perfect for gamers, typists, coders, and programmers who want the most satisfying typing experience.

Every piece of technology goes through a roughly similar life cycle. It begins with a simple concept, a basic design that solves a particular problem. As time goes on, the design is tweaked, refined and updated until finally, it reaches an absolute peak, a flawless blend of design and utility. In the world of computer peripherals, that time has finally arrived, in the form of the Fasterini keyboard.

Having a clean and functional design, the Fasterini keyboard incorporates all the keys you need in a highly optimized layout, while displacing all the unnecessary flaws and annoyances found in conventional keyboards. The final design is, quite simply, a perfected typing instrument.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

A Layout That Finally Makes Sense

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Do you know what the most commonly pressed key on a conventional keyboard is? Here’s a hint: it’s large, centrally located, and best friends with your thumb. That’s right, it’s the Spacebar key.

This shouldn’t sound too surprising when you actually think about how often you’re tapping away at the Spacebar key while typing, but there’s a little known dirty secret about this popular key: it’s actually responsible for a terribly inefficient waste of space.

According to research conducted on common keyboard usage, most of us actually only use nine of our fingers while typing, instead of all ten. Pay attention to your fingers the next time you’re typing out an email and you’ll soon notice that you only use one preferred thumb to actuate the Spacebar key most of the time, leaving your other thumb floating in the air, with nothing to do but enjoy a free ride and think about all its wasted potential.

The Fasterini keyboard brings your forgotten thumb back into play with Dual Programmable spacebar keys. Each key can be individually programmed, allowing you to keep one for the space function, and the other for a different, commonly used function like Backspace, Ctrl, Shift, Enter, Tab, windows/command, Esc, or Fn key.

If you can’t decide which commonly used key you’d like mapped to your new alternate Spacebar, we’ve got you covered with our Optional Modifier-mode. By choosing to map one of the Spacebar keys to Modifier-mode, while pressing this key, you instantly open up an entire array of alternate keys right there on the home row. It’s as if someone dropped a second keyboard right on top of your current one for even faster typing and editing!

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Speed Combined With Control

With the amount of time we spend in front of computers these days, it’s pretty common to be able to type at high speed. However, only a true keyboard enthusiast knows how to make full use of the functional keys to carry out complex commands instantly without having to reach for the mouse or take their eyes off their work.

Most of these handy command shortcuts require quick and reliable access to the Ctrl and Alt keys, but it’s rare to find a keyboard that actually positions these useful keys in an intelligent way.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Knowing how awesome it is to be able to have full control over your PC, we’ve optimized the Fasterini keyboard to feature custom extra‑wide Ctrl & Alt keys symmetrically positioned on either side of the Spacebars, making them super easy to find and actuate every single time. We even added an additional Ctrl key to the left of the A key to seamlessly insert complex commands.

Less of What You Don’t Need

When it comes to optimization, it’s not just about what you add, it’s also about what you take away. Take the Windows and Menu keys for example, when was the last time you actually used these keys intentionally? If you’re anything like most people, the answer is somewhere between “I can’t remember” and “a long time ago”.
Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

When you are gaming or coding, these Windows and Menu keys get in the way in a bad way. And while other high end keyboards rely on complicated software to allow you to disable these Windows keys, we’ve opted to solve the problem at its root by minimizing these seldom used keys, and tucking them away on the far right side of the keyboard.

Never again will an intense gaming or coding session be rudely interrupted by accidentally hitting a poorly positioned Windows key.

As other keyboards like the ASUS ROG Strix Scope get an award for just having one extra‑wide control key, perfect for FPS games, we believe the Fasterini keyboard should get quite a few extra awards for each of the extra‑wide Control, Alt, and Esc keys, as well as for the double programmable space bars, and one more for the minimizing of the Windows and Menu keys.

Your Palm as an Extra Finger

Our new intelligent layout also allows you to use your palm while typing. It may seem hard to imagine after a lifetime of conventional keyboard use, but by positioning the Control key near the base of your pinky finger, you can quickly and intuitively actuate it simply by pressing your palm down while typing, leaving all ten of your fingers free to carry on with their jobs. Try it for yourself and see what you’ve been missing!

This simple optimization also brings the added benefit of allowing you to easily actuate both of the Custom Wide Ctrl and Alt keys with your palm if you choose to.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - Your Palm as an Extra Finger

Play it Your Way at Lighting Speed

The Fasterini keyboard lets you play in a way that will seem to transform your gaming into moments of Pure Victory, while also providing blissful comfort in a way that seems to transform your workdays into moments of Relaxed Focus.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Convenient cable management coupled with the overall compact design of the keyboard allow you to easily pair it with laptops, so you can take the ultimate gaming and coding experience with you anywhere you go.

Future-Proof Mechanical Key Switches

When it comes to high performance keyboards, speed is priority number one if you want to become the best at your game. Lag free, lightning fast actuation times help make the typing experience feel swift and effortless. And when it comes to speed, nothing comes close to the speed of light.

While we understand the advantages of mechanical key switches, we simply weren’t satisfied with the obsolete variants that rely on metal contact points that you find on most other mechanical keyboards, or shameful rubber domes.

The Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard features state‑of‑the‑art, optical mechanical key switches that use Infrared light to register every keystroke. Each custom‑made optical key switch on our keyboard contains its own infrared light emitter and sensor.

These new Infrared switches are able to achieve actuation speeds previously thought impossible, while massively increasing durability at the same time. The metal contact points and rubber domes found in older mechanical keyboards wear out quickly, no matter how robust they may be at the beginning.

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Optical Infrared Mechanical Key Switches

Guaranteed for 100 Million keystrokes

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Fast Reliable Infrared Switches

Our truly amazing switches retain all the advantages of conventional mechanical switches in terms of tactile feel.

By replacing conventional components with our new infrared switches, the Fasterini keyboard offers nearly instantaneous actuation, while eliminating all the common wear and tear issues that usually come along with mechanical keyboards.

Problems like duplicate key presses, key chattering, oxidation and rust issues, debouncing glitches, performance degradation, double letters and missing letters, will all soon be things of the past as Infrared switches take over.

Infrared Mechanical switches are also a dream come true for your hands. Soft, sturdy, comfortable and consistent, they offer amazing reliability. So even after years of use, rest assured that the switches on your Fasterini keyboard will still feel strong and satisfying.

Built to Last, and can be Completely Overhauled

Our Optical Infrared Mechanical key switches are so durable that we could’ve just installed them on our keyboards and left it at that, but that wasn’t good enough for us. We understand that no matter how robust or well‑built any piece of hardware is, there will always be critical points of failure that will make themselves known over the long term. In the case of keyboards, that point of failure is invariably the key switches.

With that in mind, even though the Fasterini keyboard has the most durable key switches available, we took it one step further and designed our switches to be modular and plate mounted instead of soldered to the electronic circuit board, and eliminated the flimsy underside pins found on other mechanical keyboards.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Engineering like this allows our key switches to be easily removed and swapped in a matter of seconds, without needing any technical knowledge or expertise. Damaged or defective key switches are no longer the keyboard death sentence they used to be. The Truly Ergonomic Fasterini keyboard is built to stand the test of time so you can enjoy it over the long term.

It’s All About The Feel

Any computer enthusiast will tell you that when it comes to keyboards, nothing beats spring‑loaded mechanical switches. They deliver a consistent, high‑quality feel with each and every keystroke that the rubber dome keyboards can never achieve.

We obsessed over the tactile feel of our keys, making sure that the travel distance, debounce time, and actuation point for each key is absolutely perfect, while also providing the flexibility of multiple switch options including tactile‑clicky, tactile‑silent, and linear‑silent. The end result is a keyboard that makes you want to type indefinitely whenever you touch it.

Our Optical Mechanical switches deliver actuation speeds that seemed impossible before, and because we’ve done away with the vulnerable physical contact points, our switches are as durable as they are fast!

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

A faster actuation point distance of


No need to “bottom out” each key you press means significantly faster typing – complete travel distance of 3.8mm

Blazing fast debounce time of only


compared to all other keyboards between 5.0ms and 20.0ms

Infrared switches deliver extraordinary durability.


the lifespan of other conventional or ergonomic keyboards and over


more durable than rubber domes

Cable Management for Gamers and Coders on the Go

Many high performance keyboards are so large and awkwardly shaped that they force you to sacrifice most of your desk space just to accommodate them. We wanted the Fasterini keyboard to deliver industry leading performance in a gorgeous, compact package that feels right at home in just about any setup.

Additionally, with built-in cable re-routing functionality, you can choose whether the cable comes out the back of the keyboard or on either side. It’s such a simple thing, yet it makes a huge difference when trying to organize your desk space for optimal efficiency.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Designed for Your Convenience

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Despite the fact that most users spend the majority of their keyboard time with their hands hovering over the letter keys, we brought our attention and expertise to the right hand stack of the keyboard as well, making sure that every possible optimization was made to enhance comfort and usability.

The directional keys have been upgraded from the conventional “inverted T” orientation to an ergonomically superior Diamond arrangement, and feature custom profile keycaps for effortless actuation. And the enhancements don’t stop there…

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Dedicated Cut, Copy, and Paste keys now sit directly above the arrow keys for high speed editing, so you can say goodbye to fumbling through multi-key commands or repetitive, tedious mouse clicking.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

A custom Extra Tall Delete key is much easier to access when really needed.

The Insert key has been turned into an Fn+F12 key combo to prevent you from accidentally triggering the Overwrite/Overtype mode, so from now on, you’ll only activate it when you really need it.

Escape the Conventional

Over on the left hand side of the keyboard, our custom Extra Wide Escape key is twice the size of conventional versions, making it easy to find and reach. The Caps Lock key has been relocated to the top right corner to prevent it from being accidentally pressed.

It’s small, clever details like this that add up to create an unparalleled typing experience that’s smoother, faster, and more comfortable than anything that has come before it.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Extended Functionality

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Don’t be fooled by the compact size of the Fasterini keyboard, we’ve made sure to pack in all the extended functionality that users have come to expect from much larger multimedia keyboards.

A Full sized suite of function keys runs along the top of the keyboard and gives you easy access to desired functions like speaker volume and standard media player controls just to name a few.

Beautiful Keycaps like Cherries on Top

The Fasterini keyboard is striking to behold, and a big visual impact packed into a small frame. One of the first things you’ll notice about the keyboard is the array of beautiful, full sized keycaps, that appear to be “floating” on top of the board, rather than sunken into it.

But looks aren’t everything, and we wanted to ensure that our keycaps are as easy on the fingers as they are on the eyes. That’s why our concave cylindrical keycaps are ergonomically sculpted, and have a slightly different profile per row for maximum comfort. Obsessive attention to detail like this is what it takes for a keyboard to be considered Truly Ergonomic.

The keys are all set against a unique backslope stance, and are fully compatible with all Cherry MX-Type Cross-Mount keycaps. Our extra wide keys also feature custom MX-Type Cross-Mount stabilizers to ensure a comfortable, even actuation, for unbeatable durability and an incredibly satisfying tactile feel.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -
Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, it also addresses a common pain point for most keyboard users: keeping their prized keyboards clean. Floating keys mean that the Fasterini keyboard is extremely easy to clean, since dust, crumbs and other debris cannot get stuck inside the keyboard casing.

We also made sure that the keycaps themselves are protected from the common dirt and grime associated with normal usage by giving each one its own non-glossy UV-coating. This means our keycaps will continue to look clean and beautiful even after prolonged use.

Our keyboard is also highly customizable and fully compatible with any other Cherry MX‑type Cross‑Mount keycaps, allowing you to easily implement custom keycap configurations.

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Cherry MX‑type Cross‑Mount compatible keycaps

Pleasing Font and Legends

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - Pleasing Legends

Please take a closer look at the letters, legends, and symbols used in our design. They are customized and some are even completely unique. We put a lot of time and experience into conceptualizing these symbols, which is why they are so easy to read and pleasant to the eyes.

Compare ours with other keyboards that use recycled symbols and appear to bring their fonts from lost battles with no regard to your eyesight.

Furthermore, for those who really appreciate the details, you will notice the shifted symbols are slightly shifted, and therefore easy to recognize and use. We have taken all our ergonomic experience and planted it into every detail of our unique keyboard design.

Unparalleled Build Quality

In our quest to create the Fasterini keyboard, we knew that we needed a casing worthy of housing all the industry leading technology and advancements we wanted to pack inside. We looked at other high end keyboards that used various forms of plastic for their casings, but that simply wasn’t good enough, so we opted for Aerospace-grade Aluminum Alloy instead.

Using high-grade materials like Aluminum Alloy results in an incredibly strong, slim and rigid casing that forms the perfect base for our custom floating keys, without any of the annoying, creaking flex that you get from conventional plastic keyboards.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -
Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - Unparalleled Build Quality

Perfected Visibility

We believe that when it comes to keyboard backlighting, most high end manufacturers can’t quite resist the temptation to turn their keyboards into pulsating disco balls of distraction.

By contrast, the Fasterini keyboard keeps things comfortable and classy with a simple, powerful, bright white LED backlight under each key, delivering optimum visibility under any light condition.

We also went the extra mile and installed each individual LED on the PCB itself instead of on the switch, enabling you to replace any switch you like without losing backlight functionality. Clever touches like this are what make Truly Ergonomic keyboards some of the best in the world, and that’s before we even get to all the customization options.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -


Brightness Levels

Fully adjustable backlighting ranging from All‑Off to Super‑Bright


Customizable Backlight Profiles

Besides All‑ON and All‑OFF

Let’s you personally select which keys you want backlit per customizable profile


Predefined Backlight Profiles

Choose between preset profiles for easy typing or focused gaming


Backlight Effects

Able to choose between several optional cool Backlight effects

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard - Customizable Backlight Profiles

A Functional Work of Art

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

We took extra care to make sure that all our screws are hidden from view, giving the keyboard a clean, flawless look. This design theme of beautiful minimalism is further reinforced by the fact that the Fasterini keyboard has an ultra slim profile, and therefore doesn’t require a palm rest.

To make sure that the premium materials retain their stunning appearance over the long term, the entire board comes with an Advanced Nano-coating shield, protecting it from spills and other common pollutants, enabling it to outlast virtually any other mechanical keyboard out there.


Extra Wide and Extra Sticky rubber feet

After you’ve found that perfect spot for your new keyboard, rest assured that it’ll sit firmly in place with extra wide and extra sticky rubber feet. Whether you’re gaming or coding on a glass top or on smooth wood, the Fasterini keyboard will hold its position preventing sliding.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

As Smart As It Gets

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

The Fasterini keyboard enables you to work and play at an elite level, and comes standard with a full suite of intelligent functionality. Amazingly, it does all this without the need for any proprietary drivers or special software. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go!


Ultra-fast polling rate
lets you type as fast as you want.

Onboard Memory

Saves all preferences (layout, backlight, macros) even if the keyboard is disconnected.

Plug & Play

No need to bother with special software or outdated drivers ever again.

Custom Macros

Type the same text or complicated commands over and over with ease.


Each of the space bar keys can have a different functionality
(Space, Backspace, Delete, Enter, Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Windows, Esc, Tab, Fn)
without the need of custom software

100% Anti-Ghosting Technology with Full N-Key Rollover

Most other keyboards only allow you to press a maximum of 2‑Keys at the same time, which lowers your typing speed and can produce many errors.

In addition to onboard memory and ultra‑fast polling rate for ultra‑fast typing, the Fasterini keyboard also features 100% Anti‑Ghosting Technology with Full N‑Key Rollover (Full NKRO), outsmarting the USB 6‑key limit, allowing you to seamlessly execute complicated commands and press as many keys as you need simultaneously, all without the need of special software.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

No matter how fast paced or demanding your keyboard input is, the Fasterini keyboard can keep up without ever dropping a single character.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, & Linux

The perfect keyboard for any situation and any computer. The Fasterini keyboard can be used interchangeably with Windows, macOS and Linux, and is fully compatible with both US (ANSI) and International (ISO/JIS) Layouts.

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Designed just for You

When it comes to tactile keycap response, everybody’s got different tastes. Fortunately, no matter what your preference is, you’ll be able to find the Fasterini keyboard that’s right for you, with multiple key switch options to choose from. You can enjoy the perfect gaming and coding keyboard on your own terms.

Tactile Silent

Tactile feedback with a silent operation for a satisfying feel

Tactile Clicky

Tactile feedback and a soft click sound for a great typing experience

Linear Silent

A smooth linear and stealth approach that’s ideal for gaming

Rest assured that you will enjoy unparalleled comfort and responsiveness, no matter which switch you choose.

All three variants of our custom switches are far superior to regular Cherry MX-Type switches, while also being fully compatible with any MX-Type Cross-Mount keycaps for nearly limitless customizability.

Best Gaming and Coding Keyboard on the Planet

The Fasterini keyboard helps reduce errors and accelerates the editing process, especially when I’m writing a ton of code!

- Programmer

When it’s time to game, customizable backlight profiles, awesome feeling and tactility, and a narrow format that allows me to keep the mouse very close, makes the Fasterini keyboard a true winner!

- Gamer

The Fasterini Keyboard is for everyone, whether you are working for a raise or playing for the win. The Fasterini Keyboard lets you do it quicker, more consistently, and using only a small footprint.

- Pro Gamer

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

Help Spread the Word

Since 2010, Truly Ergonomic has been manufacturing some of the most unique and most comfortable computer peripherals in the world. We believe in pushing the boundaries with everything we do, and will never settle for anything but the best.

We’ve transferred our vast expertise into what we truly believe is one of the greatest keyboards ever built. Whether you’re a hyper‑gamer, coder, typist, multi‑tasker, or even a regular computer user who’s looking for the best Gaming and Coding experience, the Truly Ergonomic Fasterini keyboard will open your eyes to just how comfortable, efficient and enjoyable computer interfacing can be.

We’re confident that once you’ve tried it for yourself and experienced what the future of keyboard input can be like, you’ll want to tell all your friends and colleagues about it. With your help, we can finally bring the keyboard into the 21st century!

Truly Ergonomic Fasterini Keyboard -

The Fasterini keyboard with Infrared Mechanical switches
Lets You Type and Game at the Speed of Light.

The Fasterini keyboard
with Infrared Mechanical switches
Lets You Type and Game
at the Speed of Light